Houseboat Design Contest – Honorable Mentions

April 7, 2016

Avatar The Off Center Crew

We are pleased to announce the Houseboat Design Contest’s Honorable Mention Designs:

Honorable Mentions

Best Painted Dream Award

We truly enjoyed Martin’s story portrayed in whimsical
paintings on the back of envelopes. A design fit to be framed.

Martin Herbert: A Colorful Houseboat Design

What I need is a stable, low platform from which to drysail my Fireball dinghy. It should have a covered space in which to read, make tea, dream and sleep overnight. Minimal footprint. Comes apart for transport and winter storage. Houses two 10M racers…”

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Best Shantyboat Award

A fun take on the classic shantyboats – and already built!

Kevin Kennedy: A Camp to Explore

“I love the back creeks, ditches and marsh of southern New Jersey.  I have a small dory that I built years ago for exploring these back waterways, and fishing, crabbing and clamming. But by time I get down there and back home with my dory, it eats up most of the day, so I was looking for a base camp.  A place to rest, and maybe share some food and drink with good friends…”

Shanty pulling into Motts

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Family Award

What a great story of a family project that built a houseboat,
created so much fun, and taught valuable life-lessons along the way.

David P. Corey: A Houseboat for Sheltered Bay ( 18′ x 9’6″ )

“In the summer of 2004, we were telling our own teenagers the legend of the houseboat. As the stories of adventure, freedom and indiscretion tumbled out, my kids and all their cousins decided that they too needed a houseboat, and they would build one together. As they dove into the design and building process, they learned to calculate loads and flotation, to draw plans, to figure material costs, and to use all sorts of saws, drills, drivers and nailers. They learned the hard work needed to complete a big project. And, they did it…”


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Innovative Design Award

An innovative design for limited storage space in the off season.

Christopher Dundorf: FLOATING PORCH

“When desired, the wedge wings can fold onto the main wings before being lifted to their vertical stowed position using a simple block and tackle. After deployment, the block and tackle can be either left in place or neatly stowed. Arrive at FLOATING PORCH by a launch, canoe, wooden plank or even a swim. A wooden door secures entry and provides initial access from the rear of the structure. Step onto a modest‐sized entry platform (not shown) and open the door. Fixed-light windows above the wing walls and on the sides keep the interior bright when the wings are closed…”

To view the entire entry, please click here.

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  1. Avatar Robert Autio says:

    Congratulations to all who are being there/doing that and to OCH for introducing us to them.

    Every boat is a shanty boat and we all aspire to Harlan & Anna’s adventure.

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