Preview: Good Reads: “Finding Pax” by Kaci Cronkhite

The thing about wooden boats is that inorder to survive, people have to love them; and for people to love them, they have to be lovable. It is upon this simple equation that Kaci Cronkhite’s remarkable book tracing the history of her Spidsgatter, Pax, is based.

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2 Responses So Far to “Good Reads: “Finding Pax” by Kaci Cronkhite

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    Steve Borgstrom says:

    I had the good fortune to be tied up directly across the dock from Kaci and Pax last weekend in Port Townsend, she is a very nice person and a great writer. Now, I stayed up way too late reading the entire book in my berth with the sound of water chortling past the laps of my boat and surrounded by some of the finest wooden boats in the PNW, so the environment may have had something to do with my enjoyment of this book but I still highly recommend it. This is one of those rare pieces of nautical literature that will be enjoyed by non-sailors as well.

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    ramon rodriguez says:

    Thanks Bill. I just bought the book. Looking forward to reading the story.