Preview: A Voyage Through Tasmania’s Southwest Wilderness – Part II, by Bruce Stannard

October 6, 2016

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Bruce Stannard concludes his voyage to Tasmania’s Southwest Wilderness with an account of his journey up the magnificent Gordon River and its tumbling tributaries, the Franklin and the Rocky Sprent.
Photography by Kraig Carlstrom.


“See the world as it truly is, small and blue,
beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats.”
Archibald Macleish


The mighty Gordon River flows pure and clear from its source in Lake Richmond, a deep glacial basin way up on the precipitous eastern slopes of the brooding Mount King William. It plunges down from the high country in a brawling, tumbling torrent, scouring dark tannins from the boggy button grass plains to emerge as black as billy tea. It plummets in foaming cataracts through limestone gores so impenetrably deep and dark that the river was once thought to vanish into an abyss of underground tunnels and ferocious chasms no man had ever seen.

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