Preview: How Sailboat Rudders Evolved: Current Designs Arrived Via Varied Routes, by Rob Mazza

October 12, 2016

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This is an article from Good Old Boat (a magazine we like a lot), written by Rob Mazza. Good Old Boat and Rob have graciously allowed us to republish it for OCH members.

Sailboat Rudders - VEDETTE - 1892

VEDETTE – 1892

I enjoy tracking developmental paths in all aspects of yacht design, and the evolution of the rudder is no exception. I won’t go all the way back to the Viking and North Sea steering oar, or “steerboard,” although it supposedly gave us the term “starboard” — because the seer-board was always mounted on the right side of the canoe stern. (The term “port” arose due to the vessel having to berth with her left side on the pier while in port to avoid damaging the steer-board.)

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