Preview: The Day That Changed Buzz’s Life

March 22, 2017

Avatar Maynard Bray

At age 14 and alone, Buzz rented a skiff in Boothbay Harbor and got his first taste of salt water. The year was 1931 and the all-day rental cost him only 50 cents. That day in that skiff changed his life.

In his words:

I inspected my first command. Laird stood stiff-legged, with water over his paws. I fixed him a placeto lie down, then bailed out the water and watched the village drift by. I was lost in contentment in a world all my own. There were noises onshore—of gears clashing and children calling, and there was hammering up on a hill—but none of this had a thing to do with me. I was off on the path to the ocean, and when I lay down along the bottom all I could see were the clouds and the clean lined curve of the boards as they swept from bow to stem. We drifted. The wind was laden with salt and pine, and I knew if I just lay still I’d go drifting right out to the ocean.

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