Preview: Eastport Nesting Pram

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The Eastport Nesting Pram is a good little all-purpose dinghy that comes apart for compact stowage, and she’s a nice boat for kids to row and sail. Easy stitch-and-glue construction and a good manual encourage DIY building from a kit.

The Eastport Nesting Pram, one of the world's best dinghies, rests on the beach.


 Builder  CLC
 Length and Beam  7’9″ and 48͋

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4 Responses So Far to “Eastport Nesting Pram

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    WB McKenzie says:

    Just a comment: most of the dinghies that are in this list are too heavy to be handled by a single person —
    I have just finished building the Eastport Ultralight and it is a great small dinghy — extraordinary capacity for for size and weighs well under 75 lbs. By the by, I am a newbie to building anything more complex than assembling IKEA furniture — If I can do it, anyone can – clear instructions and great support from CLC.

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    Thom Loftus says:

    curious if OCH could elaborate on the low sailing score. I haven’t sailed mine yet (still building it) but would be interested to hear your thoughts on sailing performance.

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      Arthur Haberland says:

      I am willing to bet it has a lot to do with the overall size of the Pram. When you are dealing with boats this small, even 6 inches extra length can make a big difference in sailing ability. no doubt the shorter Nutshell pram sails no better, but because it is lumped in with it’s larger sister, so gets a higher score.

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      Kent Farbach says:

      I’m about to build 2 of these wonderful prams as my wife is keen to learn how to sail…I thought I’d sail around with her etc. I also thought I’d share my views on the sailing ability of the Eastport pram without having sailed in such a boat. From the videos I’ve seen, I can imagine that this small boat is very good at ghosting along in breezes up to 10 knots…it’s main strength. Stronger winds however (up to 20 knots) would inevitably introduce a range of ‘challenges’ re. sail performance. For example, the ability to make adjustments to the foot and luff are non- existent and the sheet rope setup would require more purchase. Having said this, all these improvements can be added to such a small boat to improve it’s sailing performance in stronger breezes. The rig does look balanced from what I can see. You wouldn’t want to cheap either, and make a sail out of an old shower curtain something:) I’ve seen a few of these ‘attempts’ on the net. Anyway, I hope that this helps. Cheers from Australia.