Preview: PT-11 – The Sailing Nesting Dinghy

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The PT-11 sailing nesting dinghy has a huge advantage over most other dinghies — it allows you to replace your rubber ducky with a tender that rows and sails beautifully and then stows in half its length. The PT-11 model shown here is the best we’ve seen: A small engineering miracle, really. We love this boat, and her designer is as good as they come.


 Builder  Russell J. Brown
 Length and Beam &nbs;11′ and 4′ 2″

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2 Responses So Far to “PT-11 – The Sailing Nesting Dinghy

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    PETER RODMAN says:

    I built a PT-11 over a winter. Russell Brown’s design is what led me to choose this dinghy. The nested package seemed small enough to fit on deck on my 27′ Catalina, so I dived in.The kit provided by PTW is awesome-perfectly cut, almost not susceptible to the HEF. One thing you might not immediately appreciate is how much hand work goes into the small parts, like the oarlock blocks, etc. Ashlyn and Russell do a lot of final finish on these small parts in their shop, so there is a lot of each of them in the kit and the finished boat. Both of them are exceptionally responsive to questions. It was a pleasure being their customer.

    In the end, even the 6′ nested package proved a bit too much for my boat. It did fit on the foredeck. Moving the dinghy to the water and sailing the light (c. 95 lb) boat in SF Bay waters was too challenging for the 70+ year old me. I sold the PT-11 with complete rowing and sail gear for $5500, which just about covered the cost of the kit and extras. Building her was a great winter adventure, and I’m very happy to have owned and experienced this great boat for the time she was with me.

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    Robert Hauser says:

    I built one as a tender to my F31 trimaran and love it. Rows very well and is light to get on the nets. The kit was fun to build with well cut parts and very detailed instructions.