Preview: The Off Center Contest


(a.k.a. A rallying cry to find authentic things on the edge.)

Everywhere we go these days, we hear OCH members saying: “That’s SO off center.”

It usually comes up when someone, or something, is funky and unique but at the same time truly authentic and genuine.

A first we thought we were alone in appreciating the “off centered-ness” of people and things, but we’ve discovered that “off center” is a concept that captures the imagination of OCH members, and is wide open for interpretation.

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Comments, Thoughts or Suggestions?

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5 Responses So Far to “The Off Center Contest

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    Jesse Terry says:

    I feel like Off Center should have a regular reader story contest similar to the annual one in the Eldridge Guide. Let everyone vote on the best one.

  • Avatar

    Richard Snow says:

    I Wish…
    Some Day, perhaps…
    Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!

  • Avatar

    Charlie McLaughlin says:

    Anyone else spot the challenge this could possibly present for some OCH members?

    (present company excluded of course)

    After all, what seems ‘off center’ to some may well go unnoticed, as it just might look a lot like everyday “normal” !

    I speak from experience.

    You know who you are.

    ;- )

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    Anthony Aman says:

    Not many things more off center than dedicating your life to digging caves. Recently Ra Paulette quit doing it for other people and now he is working on his own masterpiece. Check it out and be amazed. Tony