Preview: Members’ “Most Loved” Videos — A Holiday Playlist for 2018

After seven years, and over 500 videos released on Off Center Harbor, we thought you might appreciate a listing of the videos that have been the “most loved” by members. The list is not created by algorithms or automations, but by humans counting the number and depth of commentary below each video, adjusted for how many people have seen each of them.


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7 Responses So Far to “Members’ “Most Loved” Videos — A Holiday Playlist for 2018

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    Morgan says:

    All wonderful videos. The two that hold a special place in my heart are “A boat in the family-A good way to grow up” June 15,2017, such warmth and love. The other one is “A visit aboard FLYING FISH” August 20, 2015. The most beautiful boat I have ever seen. All your choices are wonderful, and these two just add to a special list. Thank you all at OCH, Happy Holidays to you and your families.

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    Philip Myer says:

    Thanks Steve- for your vision and execution of this website and to all the OCH gang. I have to agree on the top 2, Passing like a dream and Harry’s haul out, are my favourites.

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    Steve S - RestHarrow Boatworks says:

    THANKS for a great list. Will help occupy some cold days of winter when it’s to cold to get out to the shop.

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    Frank McCann says:

    This is a great playlist, and I am sure to enjoy every one of them. I particularly like the inclusion of Tasmanian videos.
    The video which I keep returning to and which is not on the list, is the story of family cruising on the schooner Magic. A beautiful boat and a great story.

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    Jorge Horacio Alessandri says:

    Happy Thanksgiving for you all!