Preview: 2019 Annual Update for Members & Friends

November 22, 2019

Avatar The Off Center Crew

Off Center Members ~

As we wrap up our eighth year at Off Center Harbor, we thought you might appreciate an update on OCH and what we’re planning for the year ahead.

With our big trip to New Zealand and Tasmania last winter, followed by time in Port Townsend this past fall, members have been getting a heavier-than-normal flow of videos featuring boats out on the water and fewer of the “how-to” instructional videos than we normally release.

It’s been wonderful to experience all these wonderful boats and people from other parts of the world, and now we’re looking forward to settling back in at home in Maine this winter to film more of the instructional videos that are so popular.


Thanks to all of you who took the survey last week. We received a lot of helpful feedback—over 2,000 responses, in fact, in the first 48 hours.

We’ll be giving the website a significant refresh over the winter, and the first step in that process has been to get members’ feedback. In addition to giving the underlying code of the website a deep-cleaning, we’ll be adding several new features to the site that members requested in the survey.

We were happy to see that the overall satisfaction of members was extremely positive in the answer to this question:

“How SATISFIED are you with your membership to”

Your detailed answers to the survey let us know what you want more of, and if there is anything you find frustrating about the website or your membership. Rest assured that we’ll be digging deeply into the detailed answers to learn as much as we can in an effort to keep improving your experience as a member.

In our first scan of the detailed answers we noticed a long-ime member from Bainbridge Island suggested that we add closed captioning (subtitles) for those who don’t hear too well. We did a quick search and found a new solution that wasn’t available a few months ago, and within 24 hours we’ve added closed captions to 23 of our most recent videos. Thanks to your fellow OCH member for being the catalyst.

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