Preview: Our Most Valuable Secret NON-Boat Gear, Part 2

January 26, 2020

Steve Stone Steve Stone

The original post to this series by OCH Co-Founder Steve Stone received so many requests for “More!”, that we went to the OCH Guides and members, as well as the most experienced camp-cruisers we know, and asked them, “What is your most valuable secret non-boat gear you have on your boat?”.

While we tend to be minimalists and follow our mantra of “simplicity afloat is the surest guarantee of happiness”, and thus we don’t like to purchase anything extra to clutter the boat or our minds while cruising, finding the right gear is a decades-long balance of taking along items that enhance the experience, or make it more safe, but don’t distract or clutter.

We received too many good responses to list in one post, so we’re starting an ongoing series to pass these little gear-jewels along to OCH members. Please feel free to post your own favorite secret gear, in the comments section at the bottom of this post…


Though I could list almost every item in my rigging bag as “wouldn’t be without it,” the more recent addition (two years ago) makes me smile each time I use it. That is the miniature Bernzomatic propane blow torch.

When I decided to set sail with David onboard SAHULA, the boat he’d been living on during an 11 year circumnavigation, I quickly became the appointed bosun. It’s a job I enjoy. But I was almost overwhelmed by the number of lines that needed seizing or renewing, the minor sail repairs I wanted to do before the boat was ready to continue onward towards Australia and Tasmania withthe two of us onboard.

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