Preview: Murray Peterson’s Designs: A Lick and A Promise – The Story of EASTWARD

In this fourth installment of the Murray Peterson design series, Bill Peterson recalls the creation of the 32′ Friendship Sloop EASTWARD that his father designed for Roger and Mary Duncan. By necessity a low budget project where the owners did much of the building themselves, EASTWARD earned her way after launching by carrying paying passengers around the Boothbay region of Maine. She also tok the Duncans farther afield as they cruised, anchored, and described those areas for

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4 Responses So Far to “Murray Peterson’s Designs: A Lick and A Promise – The Story of EASTWARD

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    Kevin Forrey says:

    How drawing of this to frame? Tks could I get a lofting

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    I grew up a stone’s throw upriver from the Duncan’s abode in West Concord, Mass. and attended the boys school where Roger and his son Bob taught. Roger was as interested in competitive rowing as he was sailing. The Belmont Hill School where his teaching career culminated (he was headmaster) was the one to beat when it came to schoolboy rowing competitions in New England, and in college my teammates on the crew had been some of his best charges. When my wife Margaret and I married young and moved to Boothbay Harbor Mary Duncan befriended her,. They’d both graduated Wellesley college and enjoyed rowing on that school’s beauty of a lake, memories I heard them recount while under sail on EASTWARD. They were very special couple and instructive example for us young ‘uns.

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    Maggie Peterson says:

    The first time I met the Duncans was while they were out sailing and on our starboard side while I was newly at the helm of the schooner, Susan. Roger called out, “She looks pretty handsome… “ to which my husband Bill, nodded and said something about Roger and Mary’s boat.
    Roger laughed and shouted back,” I was talking about the skipper!”
    They were a great couple, and that was a lovely beginning to a fine friendship.
    Maggie Macy-Peterson