Preview: Enhancing a Cape Cod Marlin

November 11, 2021

Avatar Maynard Bray

The fiberglass-hulled Marlin design came about in the late 1950s when Cape Cod Shipbuilding asked Sidney Herreshoff to modify his father’s Fish class design for fiberglass construction and at the same time give her an aluminum-sparred masthead rig and a counter stern with inboard rudder. Rounded trunk cabins were part of the deal and came in two sizes, one for cruising and another, smaller one that allowed a larger cockpit for daysailing.

Entranced by the Marlin’s size and shape after considering a number of others, OCH member Jim Sargent found and bought one, and over the course of four years deepened her cockpit for comfort and revised her trunk cabin for appearance. At first glance, you’d be convinced she’s all wood—perhaps a genuine Fish Boat or one of the Alerion replicas. But she’s one-of-a-kind; a real head turner! Jim shared photos of the project, so here’s how things went:

CAPRICE is on her way to a big transformation. She’s a sloop-rigged, fiberglass-hulled Marlin built as a stock boat by Cape Cod Shipbuilding and fitted with the shorter of the two trunk cabins that the company offered.

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