Preview: Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific – Update #1 from Tom’s Shore Team

September 2, 2022

Avatar The Off Center Crew

The following is a letter sent by Tom Robinson’s Shore Team to the followers on his website You can sign up on his site to receive these updates directly, and we’ll carry them in an ongoing series of Guide Posts here on OCH as well.

“The Equatorial Current Beckons”

Dear Sponsors, Supporters, Family and Friends,

As you know, with an accompanying farewell flotilla, Tom left La Punta at 11.30am Peru time on Saturday 2nd July. Some of you may have seen Facebook photos and videos of the event. Subscribers to Off Center Harbor would have seen the very professional and moving video filmed by Donald Wilson – a sweet memory indeed. Last Sunday was the three-week anniversary of his departure.

In those three weeks Tom in Maiwar travelled over 600 nautical miles (1,100 km) in a north westerly direction aided by south east winds and the north flowing Humboldt current. He is now about 400 nautical miles south of the equator (roughly 400 nautical miles south south east of the Galapagos) where he should soon benefit from the westerly flowing Equatorial Current that will help him mak landfall, most probably in the Marquesas, before the end of the year. His average speed so far has been 1.17 knots, which is a respectable pace for this part of his journey.

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