Preview: Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific, Update #7

December 11, 2022

Tom Mahuta Robinson Tom Mahuta Robinson

The following is a letter sent by Tom Robinson’s Shore Team to the followers on his website You can sign up on his site to receive these updates directly, and we’ll carry them here on OCH as well.

Saturday, Dec 10, 2022


Peru to Penrhyn Island. 160 days at sea. 5000 nautical miles. Time for a rest. More to come.


Yup, that it. In true/humble Tom Robinson fashion, less is more (especially after such a remarkable achievement).

We have not yet spoken with Tom, as it seems important to let him experience the joys of landfall without outside communications, but as son as we do speak with him we’ll send an update to OCH members. For now, we imagine that the reception he’s receiving is even more remarkable than the normal warm/enthusiastic/generous welcome that small remote islands in the S. Pacific are known for.

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