Preview: Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific – Update #10 – Penrhyn Island – “Paradise under the Sun”

February 5, 2023

Tom Mahuta Robinson Tom Mahuta Robinson

Part I

Yesterday I found myself lounging under the shade of a tin and driftwood shack, a Penrhyn ‘weekender’, the steady breeze rustling the coconut palms and taking the edge off another warm, tropical noon. I had just woken from a rather pleasant nap when all of a sudden I was met with a roaring appetite. I looked out over the azure lagoon. ‘Well’, I though to myself ‘I could really go for one of those fried ava’. A second later, one of the women walked into the shack with a basket full of fresh ava (milk fish). The men had just come back from fishing. “Mahuta,” she said to me, “would you like your fish raw or fried?” Such is the warmth and hospitality of the Penrhyn Islanders.

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