Preview: Allspice by Coire Williams

Very cool slideshow by our friend Coire Williams as he constructs a traditional dinghy from a half model a carved under the instruction of our friend and one of my mentors Pete Chase.

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16 Responses So Far to “Allspice by Coire Williams

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    Darrian Gourdine says:

    Chicken Soup for my Soul….Thank you Eric
    Thank you Courie and Thank You, Peter and Sophie!!!

  • Avatar

    Douglas semivan says:

    So nice, beautiful piece! Fine work Coire… all the best to you.

  • Avatar

    John Buchbinder says:

    Lovely slide show, beautiful boat, wonderful collaboration between Coire and Peter & all thanks to Sonny!

  • Avatar

    Chad Brown says:

    OCH just blew me away again! Yeah very crafty video, and as usual it’s the music that makes it all come to gather!

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    dana hardy says:

    Worked a few years as lead carpenter at C. F. Koehlers yard in San Diego…mostly wooden boats. Everything from schooners to skiffs, power and sail. C.F. Wanted to build a new express cruiser along the lines of his dads earlier powerboats, so he built a half model, them an inch scale model that we towed around the marina…looking closely at the trim…a poor mans tank test. We built that boat out in wood and plopped that big John Deere in her, she was a beaut. Still turning heads. But while the crew went home tired with epoxy coated splinters in their hands, C. F. With just as many splinters, would stay up late at the boat shop playing trumpet with his jazz band. I’d come in early the next day ready for work, and there is the boss with a fat lip…but not from a bar fight. He was blowing that trumpet all night.
    So, many thanks for the jazz boatbuilding clip…so very well done…maybe I’ll take a row tomorrow with sonny on the iPod!

  • Avatar

    Gary Beard says:

    Watching that on a stressful day…and it just went away. Thanks for sharing this project and the emotion.

  • Avatar

    tom bergeron says:

    what a fine job. looks fabulous. great work.

  • Avatar

    William Boulden says:

    Absolutely awesome! Adore the score as well. ;D