Preview: Alone in the Wilderness, with Dick Proenneke – Part 1

So many of us have dreamed of chucking it all and building a little cabin on a remote shoreline in the wild. In the 1960’s Dick Proenneke did just that — big time — and he became a legend for it through the films he made.

Here’s a 10-minute version of the first film he made documenting the beginning of his 30 years at Twin Lake, Alaska.

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5 Responses So Far to “Alone in the Wilderness, with Dick Proenneke – Part 1

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    Thomas Buzzi says:

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A special type of person this, but then there have always been just enough of them to push our frontiers out to the oceans of the world, and then some.

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    Judie Romeo says:

    His films were fascinating and, because of a two-year bout with insomnia, I managed to see all of them on late night public TV. I couldn’t have managed to do what he did but I always envied him the knowledge and capabilities that made it possible for him to survive in the wilderness so gracefully.

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    Richard Whiting says:

    Fantastic! I was unable to find the other two videos attendant to the subject. Are they still available? Thanks guys. Keep ’em coming.

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    Bruce LePage says:

    have been great until now. Now you want money to see the rest of the film.
    Go Thikk about it.

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    KEVIN POWELL says:

    I would not want to live this way but I did buy the video he made. Interesting to watch.