Preview: BALI SANTAI – The Story of a Jukung

It’s rare to find videos that document the fine details of traditional boat building in remote places of the world.

This is 1/13 part series of the complete construction, of a Balinese double outrigger canoe.


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5 Responses So Far to “BALI SANTAI – The Story of a Jukung

  • Suzan Wallace

    Suzan Wallace says:

    Wonderful…so much heritage and skill honored in Bali ❤️

  • Avatar

    Andy Bullock says:

    A maestro with the chainsaw, but not a lot of OH&S!

  • Avatar

    ron godwin says:

    Experts, cheerful, detailed and educational, One of your best,Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Mark Barber says:

    I really enjoyed the video. It was fascinating, seeing how they utilized new technologies (chain saw, truck, wheeled cart, etc.) to facilitate construction of a vessel that was initially developed probably thousands of years ago.

  • Avatar

    Kit Laughlin says:

    I LOVE this video—sincere thanks. The artistry of all the locals involved is inspiring. And as a documentary film maker myself, the closeups of feet, and the tree spirit blessing ceremony were beautiful.