Preview: Båtbygge med Hemming Forsell

June 14, 2012

Avatar Maynard Bray

Building a boat doesn’t get anymore down-to-earth than this. No glue; no plywood. It takes place in Perna, Finland, in 1972, and covers the construction of a riveted lapstrake row-and-sailboat by Hemming Forsell. He uses only hand tools and is set up outdoors. His tools? An axe, hand plane, handsaw, chisel, hammer, and a Stanley “Yankee” screwdriver. For the hull shape (and it’s a very shapely hull), there’s but a single ‘midship mold, along with the transom and stem, around which to bend the planks. Perna is at the head of an inlet fifty miles or so east of Helsinki. The video is in two parts of 8 or 9 minutes each, and narrated in Finnish [Correction: Swedish]. Translation would be welcome, but even without it, this is a terrific glimpse of basic traditional boatbuilding by an experienced builder. Don’t miss it!

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