Preview: Beautiful Slow Motion Surfing Footage

I’ve got a soft spot for the sport of surfing, and while I realize that the average adrenalized surfing video won’t appeal to many of you, I think many of you will appreciate how these incredibly high resolution shots capture the beauty and power of the ocean.

I hope you enjoy the next 7 minutes as much as I did:

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7 Responses So Far to “Beautiful Slow Motion Surfing Footage

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    steve johnson says:

    Pray’tell– why not embed HD micro lenses into multiple locations within the boards rails,plus upon deck,even bottom side,and fin- blue tooth the signals to a helmet reciever. Broadcast to shore. Also– why not shoot the tube with a submersible drone..😎

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    Christopher O'brien says:

    Love to sail, love to surf, love to ski, love to skate-all water in all forms
    Someday hope to have the experience of surfing through a cresting wave -but may have to settle for living vicariously through videos like this-nice shots of some awesome surfing:-)

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    Peter Brackenbury says:

    Beautiful patterns created by the water and that first wipe-out makes you appreciate that power.