Preview: Building Tall Ship MATTHEW TURNER for the Bay Area

Thank you to OCH member Peter Strietmann for bringing to our attention this video he made about a great project underway in Sausalito, CA. The organization Educational Tall Ship is building a historic wooden vessel, the tall ship MATTHEW TURNER, for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Educational Tall Ship MATTHEW TURNER
Educational Tall Ship MATTHEW TURNER


The organization’s mission is to “provide on the water and shore-based experientil education for students of all ages, both during construction and after completion. Programs will focus on marine ecology, sustainability, teamwork, leadership and the rich maritime history of the Bay Area.”

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3 Responses So Far to “Building Tall Ship MATTHEW TURNER for the Bay Area

  • Avatar

    peter strietmann says:

    Alan is full of wisdom. Kind of a zen master.

  • Avatar

    Steve Keating says:

    Brilliant. A ship such as this is an organic structure, combining structure and spirit.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas!

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    Gustavo Krause says:

    Very nice!!! That’s fantastic!! beautiful job!

    “don’t think in getting a job, think in make a job!”