Preview: Canoe Tricks Anyone Can Do on the First Go

This video reminded me a little of Maynard in our Rowing and Sculling videos. After watching it, perhaps Maynard will want to get that Nutshell Pram back out there to add a few more tricks. Showdown!

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9 Responses So Far to “Canoe Tricks Anyone Can Do on the First Go

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    Thomas Dalzell says:

    Bill Mason was a gift, but he became known as a canoeing expert as a result of his films, and had to rapidly join up with the local canoe club to actually get his skills up to the level people assumed he was at. A lot of people have probably been killed, or at least dampened as generation of canoeists thought the proper way to solo a canoe was from deep in the ends without noting the balancing pack that was a presence on his camping trips.

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    Stephen Weld says:

    Catch’em young and treat’em rough…the canoes, I mean!

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    Jamie Snodgrass says:

    Hey Steve,

    Pity I sold that Prospector I had at the Australian WB Festival when you were in Hobart Tasmania…the weather & water’s starting to warm up a bit down here in Aussie now it’s September & those stunts look worth learning!

    I’m glad there was no “Don’t try these activities at home” disclaimer in the film…obviously the film was shot in a country where having a go was encouraged !

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    Michael Cavers says:

    Bill Mason, my first canoe instructor, taught a few similar tricks and some others at Pioneer Camp, north western Ontario. circa 1955.

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    David Jeffery says:

    Or you could queue the “Path of the Paddle” series by Bill Mason, available in old-timey VHS quality on YouTube. Sound instruction by a quiet-talking expert in a canoe that has seen a lot of hard traveling.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hey David. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll check it out and put it up if it’s a fit.

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    Peter Brackenbury says:

    HaHa! Love those corny tricks and it’s good to see Stoney Lake near Peterborough and the Canadian Canoe Museum featured. Will have to try the dock trick at the cottage tomorrow… just before I repaint the hull.

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    Thomas Buzzi says:

    Reminded me of a canoe ballet competition I saw once. They are quite a maneuverable boat.