Preview: Caulking Wooden Boats

August 30, 2014

Avatar Dustin Urban

In this Tips from a Shipwright video, Louis Sauzedde shares some trademark tips and tricks he uses when caulking wooden boats.

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For an in-depth exploration of caulking, check out our four-part series on the topic featuring master caulker Geno Scalzo.

Caulking Wooden Boats – A Four-Part Series

Caulking Wooden Boats - Part 1 Caulking Part 1, Tools and Basics: Geno Scalzo is a master caulker out of Owls Head, Maine. He has over 30 years experience caulking, and he’s taken…
Caulking Wooden Boats - Part 2 Caulking, Part 2 – A Deeper Look at the Craft: Geno takes us through some of the intricacies of the craft, enlightening us to what a professional caulking job looks li…
Caulking Wooden Boats - Part 3 Caulking, Part 3 – The Oakum Lecture: In this segment of the OCH caulking series, we talk about oakum. With Part 3 being entirely dedicated to this wondrous m…
Caulking Wooden Boats - Part 4 Caulking, Part 4 – Tying Up Loose Ends: In the conclusion of this series, Geno takes us through some of the odds and ends of caulking. With an understanding tha…


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