Preview: Classic Family Boating

Although Discover Boating (a marketing arm of the National Marine Manufacturers Association) is about as “on-center” and mainstream as boating gets, this spot about family boating is nicely done and does speak to the way that boating brings families together.

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7 Responses So Far to “Classic Family Boating

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    OCH makes a point of focusing on family sailing and exposing the next generation to the wonders of being afloat. Young sailors developing skills, mastery and a passion is in decline in many ways, and for many reasons, Nick Hayes in his book ‘Saving Sailing’ has useful analysis and suggestions for mentoring through community sailing:

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    Captain Nemo says:

    What sort of crabs were those in the video? They were big!

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      Hank Kennedy says:

      If they were on the West coast, there dungeness, if the East coast, they were johna crabs. Both excellent eating.

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        Captain Nemo says:

        Thank you Hank – i thought they were probably dungeness. I’m on the East coast and know the Blue Claw – Calinectus sapidus. (But my favorite “crabs” are still Lobster and shrimp! LOL)

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    Dustin Urban says:

    Nice, Peter and David, figured our members would be all over that info. And thanks for the link, David, that was great.

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    Grand Banks of Queen City yacht club, cruising in San Juan islands washington state starting in Friday harbor you also see battleship island towards the end. Model of Stephens bridge deck cruiser the boys are playing with is made by sail classics out of longbranch Washington south of gig harbor. Always a pleasure seeing promotions for family boating thanks for sharing