Preview: Classic Herreshoff Schooner Elena – A Racing Replica

Thanks to OCH member Roger Rodibaugh for bringing this film about the classic schooner ELENA to our attention. She’s a replica of a 1911 Herreshoff-designed schooner of the same name.

This film seems to be more of a dramatization than a documentation of actual/factual events. To be clear, this is not an OCH production, it is by Elite Films, and seems it was made as a promotion fo Elena’s charter business.

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5 Responses So Far to “Classic Herreshoff Schooner Elena – A Racing Replica

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    James Whitmoyer says:

    The film was great to watch but like others before me, I missed the detail about the building of the boat and mention of those on deck for the race as well as detail about Westward. Your hints of additional information from other sources could lead to a series? Maybe?

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    Ginny Jones says:

    Oh please — rebuild nothing; both ELEONORA and ELENA are new boats…no doubt about it. The filmmakers (Elite Films) should give credit to Ed Kastelein for ELEONORA which is described as the replica of the Herreshoff racing schooner WESTWARD in the Tom Nitsch films (superb) WESTWARD TO ELEONORA and WESTWARD AND THE LEGENDARY ONES.

    Tom and his crew did a lot of “deep” research while filming the building of ELEONORA and ATLANTIC (the replica) including talking to John MeCray and the late Harry Spencer and others.

    This film is deeply disappointing and disturbing, further I find this film really disingenuous, almost deceitful.

    One last point for Elite Films, the producer of this video… If you film a boat, how about credit to the builders (NOT just the designer) and if you film a race, why not describe the location and the individuals on board. Further, just pretty photos of the boat under sail don’t cut it; you need to include some interior shots — the real stuff, not just a highly polished winch.

    Yes, I’m picky but this sort of film turns my stomach. Just saying!

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hey Ginny. Thanks for taking us to task on this one. Yes, as a filmmaker I noticed several dramatizations and careless omission of facts, but while we may take issues with some of the film, as you obviously do, on balance we feel it provides access to a story that OCH members will benefit from knowing about. We would be glad to include the films you mention by Tom Nitsch in this area of our site if he would be willing to share them with our membership. As far as we can tell, his films are not available for embedding on OCH. I went back and carefully edited our introduction of the video above in light of your comments.

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    Michael Owen says:

    Loved it! Great film. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Dennis Rhoades says:

    Roger, Thanks for getting this video to OCH. Enjoyed this immensely. We have a great admiration for these old schooners. To see one that has been brought back is a real treat. Dennis Rhoades