Preview: Deus Ex Machina

February 2, 2015

Avatar Maynard Bray

It’s a motorcycle, not a boat, but while you’re watching Jack Churchill create this astonishing machine that was inspired by a bike displayed at The Owls Head Transportation Museum, you’ll hear some one-liners that parallel how we at feel about making something yourself from stuff that’s at hand, and doing it with passion, enthusiasm, and imagination.

I don’t advise going to sea in a boat version of Jack’s beautiful-but-dangerous bike, but I really love hearing him express how he feels while putting it together and trying it out. And the bike itself is a blast!

The video takes place when ex-filmmaker (Jack Churchill) mentors young and aspiring filmmaker (Seth Brown), who shot and produced it. In Seth’s words: “What started out as a film about the construction of the bike, turned into a theme of what it means to build. Anyone who has ever constructed something, the creative process, the ups and downs, in order to see the final product through will recognize themselves in this film.”

We were pleased when Deux Ex Machina joined OCH’s The Schmee of Havilah Hawkins as two of the nine features chosen for the 2015 Maine Shorts Film Festival.

For more of Seth’s work, check out Love, The Bus.

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