Preview: “Dip and Sway” in a Bantry Bay Gig

Everything about this music video says “here comes summer!”

Great music, interesting boats, and good times on the water with friends… what could be better?

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21 Responses So Far to ““Dip and Sway” in a Bantry Bay Gig

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    Donald Goldring says:

    Soothing, thought provoking, wonderfully !!! I loved this song and video.

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    Tom Georgeson says:

    Dip & sway resonates on so many levels. Every time leaves me with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.

  • David and Margaret Tew

    David and Margaret Tew says:

    Elsies’ lyrics for “Dip and Sway”:

    Darling dip and sway, across the ocean today
    And feel the water soak in your skin
    I hear you next to me, in perfect harmony

    Let’s let the time slip away
    And darling sing along with me
    And let your voice blow away in the breeze


    Feel the rhythm in your soul, there’s not a thing I could want more
    Than to be in this moment, this moment in time
    Breathe in the salty air, and close your eyes my dear

    Just let the waves move us along
    And darling sing, sing along with me
    And let your voice blow away in the breeze


    Lift up your voice in song, we’ll carry each other along
    Our hearts they beat, they beat as one
    So darling dip and sway, we dance with the ocean today
    And feel the motion move in you

    So darling sing, along with me
    And let your voice blow away in the breeze
    Just let your voice blow away in the breeze

  • Avatar

    Victoria Burdick says:

    A teary eyed Grandmother smiling…an inner maiden swaying⚓️

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    Grant Robinson says:

    It is always a relaxing pleasure, to watch the videos OCH post. I’m retired sort of from designing vessels, sail, and power, and it is so refreshing for me to see younger people getting involved and enjoying the maritime industry. They are keeping so many traditions alive for future generations.
    That video “Dip and Sway” was an exceptional example of those traditions.
    Thank you all so much.
    Grant I. Robinson NA

  • Avatar

    Roelant Tops says:

    Starting the week Monday morning with OCH, the sunrise over Cootharaba Lake and Elsie’s song. Thank you

  • Avatar

    Walter Allan says:

    Thanks for the nice video post, Steve. Reminds me of what a wide wake was left by Lance Lee.
    It puts me in mind of the great experience watching our Crocker Stone Horse Innisfree being built at the Bath Apprenticeshop under Lance and Steve MacAllister’s leadership in 1979. A wide and long wake, indeed.

  • Avatar

    Richard Denning says:

    Some songs can take you to “another place”. This one certainly does. Thank you.

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    Michael Barra says:

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful video and music. I will play Dip and Sway and Elsie’s entire Sweet as Honey album while sailing with friends on my boat on the Hudson River while enjoying our beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State. Perfect nautical music! Thanks again!

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    Carolyn & Ron Pease says:

    Beautiful music, beautiful boat and a wonderful video. Thank you for starting out my day so peacefully!

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    charles parker says:

    I woke up this morning, poured a cup o joe and went to my emails. This was my first and now my eyes are misting over. Not just because it is such a beautiful piece of art, which it it..But to just a small few second a hand just lazily fingers the water as the boat drifts along… It was not just a flashback but an overwhelming warming feeling of a time gone by… As a yoiungster I would rig up my sister’s Seaford Skiff (RoRo) and sail off to nowhere..With a low freeboard, slouched to leeward with my back leaning on the coaming, I’d let a hand lazily finger the water… And life was good… Last year, my buddy since kindergarten and I went to the wooden boat show.. We went mainly because there was a display of boats from the boatshed and it was titled “the stories they could tell”. Originally the Roro was supposed to be one of them alas it was not used.But the sheds were open.. We found her. Even undercover the years have not been kind to her. She is slowly falling apart..I climbed over the ropes to get to her. A volunteer said visitors are not allowed behind the rope.. Brian smiled, wearing his old volunteer shirt which said staff, he said not for me…
    So now twice in less than a year I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy that feeling of sailing days gone by and fondly remembered..
    Thank You

  • Avatar

    Doug Day says:

    So good! In so many ways. Whenever it works out, love to have any and all parts of this group at Sweet Chariot. Just say when and we’ll try to make it work. Bennett is on the French arriving Wed Aug 2, 2023. If the Gig is anywhere near, bring ’em all, you great Gawlers! Doug, SCMF

  • Avatar

    Joanne Moesswilde says:

    Having spent many summers rowing and sailing bantry bay gigs with Atlantic challenge here in belfast , I assure you, it makes for a delicious summer in every way!