Preview: Four Season Off-Grid Tent

I have a crush on this four season off-grid tent, as a houseboat idea.  I have a new crush every day. None of them are alike.


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6 Responses So Far to “Four Season Off-Grid Tent

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    Fraser Robidoux says:

    If I walk 3 blocks to the end of my street I can see Gatineau Park. Its within sight of downtown Ottawa. How lucky we are to have a piece of wilderness this close to the city. Please take the time to visit Ottawa, you will enjoy the experience. 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, please join us it will be amazing, lots of entertainment, activities and sights to see. Bring your bike, hiking shoes, and golf clubs.
    Hope to see you in Ottawa, and thanks for the neat video…

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    Eric Winter says:

    Insulation: is the air space between the two layers of fabric filled? If not, it won’t insulate very well.

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    David Flanders says:

    Very attractive idea. The lack of a water source is a problem. I like the idea that anyone can create their own personal space.

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    John D Fuller says:

    I wish that I was much younger again and able to do this type of wilderness adventure. The couple in this segment must have excellent employment to be able to live this way. Perhaps they have an independent source of wealth because the average person with a regular job and a couple of kids could not do this.