Preview: Foy Brown and The Good Life

For all of us who dream of the good life on the coast of Maine, here is a visit with Foy Brown, lobsterman, boatbuilder and manager of Brown’s boatyard on North Haven Island. He and his wife even have a great little floating home for summer escapes a short hop away from the busy yard.

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7 Responses So Far to “Foy Brown and The Good Life

  • Avatar

    Sandy Mcwilliams says:

    Makes me wish I had found such a fulfilling career.
    He is so grounded and self assured!

  • Avatar

    Kent Lewis says:

    He captured some feelings we have that we couldn’t put into words, the intangible of making something right and making someone else happy. Smiles all around. Thank you FOy for sharing a bit of your world.

    Kent and Audrey

  • Avatar

    William English says:

    He’s got it right. Follow his lead and you will have found the real value in living today.

  • Avatar

    John Higgins says:

    Foy got us back up and running many years ago when we were scalloping, just needed some hydraulic fluid, it didn’t take a genius, it took a man who cared and he did.

  • Avatar

    Jonathan Mc Donald says:

    This was wonderful. Really hits the heart and mind.

  • Avatar

    Daniel Culpepper says:

    The voice, the images, the heart. A tonic for the soul. Thanks!