Preview: Fun on Foils

Seeing these boats fly around San Francisco Bay is like watching something straight out of a science fiction movie. At 72 feet long, they hydro-foil above the chop allowing unprecedented speeds and potential for disaster. Fast, exciting and extremely dangerous, have a look here at a ride on the wild side.

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9 Responses So Far to “Fun on Foils

  • Avatar

    David Rogers says:

    Good thing there isn’t any good Maine drift wood out there

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Who knew that they’d get them to foil reliably to windward, too!

  • Avatar

    terry brower says:

    I love it all. From old classics to ultra modern extremes. It’s sorta like the old guy at the circus. Elephants are fun to look at but I wouldn’t want to own one. And, what a strange world this would be if everyone liked exactly what I do.

  • Avatar

    Paul Ludington says:

    Is this really sailing? The J-Boats are magnificent and absolutely beautiful. The AC72’s are sort of freakish. I hope no one get hurt when these “boats” are racing against each other.

    • Avatar

      Scrib says:

      Unfortunately, some one has gotten hurt; killed to be exact. Tragically unfortunate. An Olympic sailor with a wife and two children.

  • Avatar

    Gibby Conrad says:

    What an interesting compare/contrast to the J boats in the previous video. While my tastes run more towards the classics, both videos gave me the chills. Good stuff!

  • Avatar

    Michael Seibert says:

    Are we sure they don’t need a pilot’s license to do that? I much preferred the monohulls for years past, but that’s just one opinion from an OF.