Preview: Half Hull Models in “Tales of Wood & Water”

September 15, 2014

Avatar Erik Sayce

How about this dining room full of half hull models! I love the Maine accent and flavor of this clip. Spoken like a true wooden boat nut, here’s what Sonny Hodgdon has to say about his plethora of half hull models:

“My wife is a little bit on the mad side, I’ve got about 125 of these models now. They’re all up over the wall, as you can see, and I don’t have any place for these. She’s said ‘not in the bedroom,’ and the bathroom I don’t dare to put them cause the moisture would bother them. So right at the moment they’re scattered on the dining room table. But I have orders to move.”

Excerpt from “Tales of Wood & Water” – Half Hull Boat Models by Maine Boatbuilder

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From the video’s description: “This was part of an excellent Discovery Channel documentary called “Tales of Wood & Water,” which aired in the 1990s. I share this only for educational purposes, and in the hope that the owners will make this documentary available again. It is a real treasure as some of the people profiled in it, such as Joel White and Roger Duncan, have since passed on.”

Anyone here familiar with the full length film? Sounds lovely.

Check out another room chock full of half hull models in our recent video Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 1-The Model Room with Halsey Herreshoff.

Halsey Herreshoff Marine Museum Model Room Tour

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