Preview: Harold A. Burnham: Master Shipwright

The title of this video, though true, is an understatement.

Harold Burnham’s family has lived in Essex, MA for 11 generations, making him a true scion of traditional boatbuilding in America. He’s given that legacy new life through recent builds of historic New England fishing schooners and maintenance of classics while operating with old methods and sensibilities – right dwn to producing nearly zero waste.

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7 Responses So Far to “Harold A. Burnham: Master Shipwright

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    George Bottger says:

    The only man I have ever known who belongs in the same class of “amazing” was his father. He is an American treasure.

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    Michael Ozenich says:

    Great to see the Sylvina W. Beal is to be rescued by Mr. Burnham. Got married aboard her in 1990 when she was sailing out of West Mystic Wooden Boatyard in CT. To see her in such rough shape is sad, but knowing she’s in good hands brightens my day. Thanks OCH and Mr. Burnham!

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    eugene connolly says:

    My gandnephew Joseph Hoffman workson wooden boatd out i Ceaver Crook, Long slans, NY so I AN FORQAR

  • Avatar

    Paul Sullivan says:

    The yard, the boats, the tradition, the people and Harold Burnham. Wonderful !

  • Avatar

    Doug Bullock says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing. I love seeing the photos with young people engaged in the work under the guidance of an older shipwrights. Plus, the participation of so many volunteers, just shows the attraction wooden boats still hold on people.

    • Avatar

      Doug Duffield says:

      Wow what a great story. Thanks for your work building boats with recycling as much as possible. Thanks for sharing.

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    Doug Day says:

    Geezum, ain’t that satisfying! Harold showed up one day in Mackerel Cove on Swan’s Island. i think I was on a windsurfer, and I came aboard a Friendship sloop he was sailing and we had a little gam. I’m hoping to honor him and his work next summer, at Sweet Chariot, that would be Aug 6,7,8 in 2024 for some sort of honorary wing-ding with Daisy Nell involved as guide. DD