Preview: Heavy Weather Sailing – Using Storm Sails and Reefing

Here we have the first lesson presented in Yachting World’s Storm Sailing with Skip Novak series.

Skip Novak Storm Sailing Part 3: Using Storm Sails

Ironically, this veteran of storm sailing isn’t a an of using storms sails. Intead he recommends having your sailmaker put in a fourth reef and using that instead.

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One Response So Far to “Heavy Weather Sailing – Using Storm Sails and Reefing

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    Steve Callahan says:

    Skip has been around a long time proving his consummate seamanship skills, and this clearly shows the efficacy of slab reefing properly set up. Slab reefing offers a lot of benefits over various rolling setups, from retaining, even improving sail shape to ways of jury rigging a damaged sail during passage. Only one addition: Skip wisely advises to reef early, but even prior to that, getting the setup—particularly for the clew and tack downhauls and leads—are critical.