Preview: Herreshoff Torpedo Boat STILETTO – Nice Aerial Footage

Here’s a video showing cool arial footage from a drone by Tips from a Shipwright — this one featuring the Herreshoff Torpedo Boat STILETTO.

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One Response So Far to “Herreshoff Torpedo Boat STILETTO – Nice Aerial Footage

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    Robert Hadden says:

    I remember my grandfather telling stories about the rum-runners during the decade of prohibition. He told us that some of them would use a Stiletto boat, and run out of Great South Bay Long Island into the ocean to pick up cases of booze from foreign ships, then run the load back to the island. The Stiletto could out-run every boat that the Coastguard had at that time, and it was easy to maneuver around in the creeks and estuaries of L.I, where it could hide, and drop off it’s cargo. So this boat was very desirable to the clans that owned them, and they would try to keep them hidden from sight. Unfortunately, if the Coastguard ever found one that was used for such a purpose, they would usually burn it, and sink it. That’s mostly the reason there are not many around today.