Preview: I Just Realized That I’m a Wimp

Just can’t help but post these videos even though they don’t have a single boat in them. After watching the movie Free Solo, and watching these two videos below, it seems we’re on a new trajectory for human potential, right at the edge of the intersection of physically impossible and mentally ill.

I’ve never thought of myself as a wimp, but I do now.


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7 Responses So Far to “I Just Realized That I’m a Wimp

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    steve schwartz says:

    That was the most awesome death defying video I have ever seen. I thought I could possibly do it during the first 3 minutes but no way after that.

  • Avatar

    Paul Koch says:

    French cyclists, like their French solo sailor colleagues seem to be made from the same stock. Brave, albeit possibly insane enjoyers of life.

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    Nathan Lunstrum says:

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself Steve :) Isn’t it more about one’s perspective and past life experiences than being a wimp? I used to climb at an advanced level and still mountain bike at an expert level. But I’m a beginner at sailing and at 6kts in my little boat I’m starting to feel panicked and just on the edge of control…which I’m sure many of the experienced sailers here would find “wimpy” :)

  • Avatar

    Vince Bobrosky says:

    Couldn’t stop watching! WOW. Beautiful scenery!