Preview: Inside a Dutch Windmill

I hadn’t really considered how close the link is between windmills and wooden boats until Kees Prins told us his story of translating one trade into another. This great video takes us inside a Dutch windmill and makes the connections easy to visualize.

Whether trying to create a functional wooden boat or a population-saving windmill, they combine practical and pragmatic origins wit craft and trade in very similar ways. Bernoulli’s principle is in full effect helping to pumping water or moving a sailboat, and the interior of the old windmills look very much like classic ships.

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    John Wujack says:

    Some may be wondering what this has to do with boats other than wood and water. During a recent guided outing in the Netherlands our guide made the point that the early Dutch maritime economy rivaled England, France and Spain with navies to match and windmills had much to do with this. My thinking has been forever changed when he suggested that one should think of a collection of windmills in close proximity to one another as early Industrial Parks. So, for hundreds of years before fossil fuels were abundant and globally utilized, the Dutch were the leaders in energy production and everything that follows.

  • Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis says:

    OMG Nate! OCH is a treasure trove. Now I want a windmill!!

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      Silver Salt says:

      Jonathan! As you may well imagine TT and KP have been much on my mind this morning, as well as yourself. Glad to see your comment.
      Cheers mate,