Preview: Be Inspired, by Steve Van Dam

This short little ad says a lot about one of the finest custom boat builders — Steve Van Dam. For more inspiration, see photos of a few Van Dam boats below the video…

Here’s a little more inspiration — imagery of Van Dam boats:

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3 Responses So Far to “Be Inspired, by Steve Van Dam

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    Mark Patton says:

    OK I Love Van Dam Boats! All of them.

    A 40 footer with twin blown 502’s to “putt”around the SF Bay at 80. Yes…Yes… Yes

    Maybe it’s just me and my ears but can any of our members think of anything sweeter than the sound of a wet exhaust gas V8?

    Yes, of course you can.

    A one lung Yanmar that cheats you out to the “Silence of the “Wind” putt putt putt

    Don’t get me wrong,I love Sailing on somebody else’s “Labor Machine”

    But I’ll take a Van Dam on my few days off.


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    Michael Angell says:

    You may be aware, but there is a full near-hour long episode of American Craftsman, which features Van Dam Boatworks and one of their project from start to finish. It is a great show. It is available on YouTube at

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    Chris Noto says:

    Yes. Fine craftsmanship is inspiring. It enriches my life, wherever it is found, whatever its history or focus. Furniture, houses, boats, airplanes, cars, gold-plated or zip-tied, it’s all good. Thanks for sharing this.