Preview: Jack Stone’s Run at the World Rowing Championship

July 7, 2021

Steve Stone Steve Stone

For those interested, I’ll be keeping up with my son Jack’s run at the World Rowing Championship here, so it’s all in one place. I’m currently placing events in reverse order, with the most current races at the top.


Here’s a link to the replay of the livestream of the “Final A” race below. These are the top six boats from the ten countries that started the competition. Jack’s Team USA is in the far lane. The were the last place qualifier for the top 6, but let’s see what they can do today:

What an unbelievable and inspiring run for these young men, starting as a group of guys who’s sport had been suddenly eliminated from their college. And steadily they came back from disillusioned, confused and heartbroken all the way to beat out their U.S. competition, and then getting to the Final A at the Under 23 World Championships. Way to go men, and with another year of eligibility in the U23 age bracket, we’re marking our calendars to watch your run again next year.



Oh my, you’ll want to watch this race. Six boats, including the U.S. team wearing navy in lane 5 (far side). The top two boats over the finish go to the Final A on Saturday to race for the top six spots at Worlds. All these young men will be racing their hearts out til the finish. The remaining four boats (4th thru 6th) go to the Final B race on Friday for overall places 7 thru 10:


The first day’s races are finished, so here are videos of those races:

Here’s the video of the heat with the Jack’s team. The U.S. team is wearing dark navy singlets in lane #2 on the side closest to the camera:

Here’s the video of the heat with the other five country’s teams:

So here are the results of those first two heats for the first day of racing:

Results of Heat #2 with the U.S. Team:

Results of Heat #1 with the other five countries:

So, there are three boats that are clearly faster than the rest: Germany. Italy and France. Those three teams appear to be the favorites to take the medals, while the other boats fight through the repechage (quarter finals) and semi-finals for to gain a spot in the finals and try to make up time on the faster boats to get a medal.

There is usually a bit of sandbagging and strategy in a first race, so it’s hard to make any hard predictions. Racing two extra races in the repechage and the semis drains a lot of energy, but for the boats racing only one extra race in the semis sometimes that can give a team an extra opportunity to work out kinks after long travel around the world. My guess from half way around the world is that there is an outside shot for several teams to get the bronze, but who knows.

I’m not sure at the moment if the U.S. team races in the repechage or goes straight to the semis, but if it’s the repechage, the next race for Jack’s team (I think) would be tomorrow, Thursday, July 8th, at 6:55am East Coast time in the U.S. I’ll put the embedded livestream video here before it starts.

And I’ll keep you updated here on this page.

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