Preview: Through the Breaks

Join custom wooden boat builder Jason Cajune and his family on a float trip down the Missouri River, through the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument to American Prairie Reserve.

If you’d like to know more about Jason Cajune’s river/drift boats, you can CLICK HERE to see the video we made about them.

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19 Responses So Far to “Through the Breaks

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    Bob Spackman says:

    Living in England looking at the scenery in the video is awe inspiring. I have read the Lewis & Clark story and to see some of the country they forged their way through makes it seem even more incredible what they achieved. Thank you for sharing the adventure.

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    Slim Miller says:

    Spectacular footage. Brings back great memories of our trip on the river (but not in a beautiful hand built wooden boat).

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    Brent Williams says:

    Wow, what a great short film. You guys did a excellent job in the film work, such beautiful country. I really really enjoy it, thanks for the share.

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    Kathleen Roach says:

    I just wanted to play this on a continuous loop. Thank you so much and all the best to you and your family.

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    Robert Von zuben says:

    Just a great piece, both visually and emotionally OCH thanks for sharing this, legacy films thanks for introducing us to this part of the landscape I never knew existed. Beautiful woodem boats, and creating wonderful memories for the family

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    Harold Wheeler says:

    Beautiful is an understatement, Never knew they have Pelicans in Montana.

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    Lester Garnier says:

    A place of peace for sure! Particularly after TV occupies us with crowded streets of disturbed people.

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      Patrick Daniels says:

      the film made me think of the connection between what we see on TV and Manifest Destiny forging through this area… peaceful now for sure! Good on the American Prairie Reserve for trying to get back to untouched land.

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    Ahoi Mench says:

    Awesome. This is why I subscribe to OCH. Just beautiful. Makes me glad to be alive and gives me hope at the same time.

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    Steve Marks says:

    Very cool, great work mate. Your blessed to be enjoying that with your family and a wooden boat!

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    Robert Baird says:

    Fabulous video about a piece of this country I have never experienced, and to think about doing it on a drift boat! What a wonderful experience to share with your family! Thanks for sharing!

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    Bill Scally says:

    Thanks for this inspirational video. Magnificent on many levels, including the family connection.
    I’m retired now and have time to see if a similar experience may be available here in Australia.. just beautiful

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    Conbert Benneck says:

    Thank you for showing me a whole new part of the West I have never known that it existed or seen. Pure delight. … and time together with children on a boat is a wonderful time spent together.

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    Bruce Klein says:

    What a lovely bit of video! I do wish time was spent on the dory itself–I’m a former steelhead drift boat guide who worked the Klamath.

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      Andy Reynolds says:

      Look above on this page , there is a link to the video made about the building of the boats. They are quite lovely.

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    Daniel Palmer says:

    Moving to nw Montana just awesome state and miles of rivers and lakes to explore by oar and sail. Great video.

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    Rick Clark says:

    Happy Fathers Day….Jason…..what an awesome video. What an awesome family you have. And what an awesome float Boat!!! Thank You very much for the film. Wife & I enjoyed it very much…sure glad God created boats!!!!!!