Live From the Heart, Be Who You Are

November 17, 2016

Steve Stone

Wish I would have seen this when I was 16 years old. Just sent it to my daughter, Stella...


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  1. Michael Naumann says:

    And who took the pictures?

  2. Robert Muir says:

    Have to admit, I always wonder in these stories how she paid for it. As a photographer with three children I worked to pay for top education in private schools and colleges. Got great results, but wonder how one covers expenses if they are pursuing a dream of traveling. Still working with 9 grandchildren to teach sailing to.

  3. Capt. Peter Watkins says:

    Great story and video, someone else living their dream…….blue skies and fair winds….Peter

  4. Raymond Morgan says:

    You go girl, you go. Live that dream.

  5. David Tew says:

    A Cal 40 is a demanding boat to sail singlehanded, but has the advantage of being roomy, strongly built and fast. What a challenge she’s met and mastered!

  6. Jim Hammond says:

    You just have to say WOW! Great story and videos about her on the web. She looks to be in very good physical condition. Beats sitting on the couch with an IPAD. I can’t wait to get back on the ocean…

  7. Emma Mathis says:

    Liz is an amazing solo-traveler and if you liked the video, you have to check out her website for travel updates and beautiful photographs! Inspirational for all sea travelers, especially women who wonder if they can undertake an adventure by themselves!

  8. Sergio Gonzalez says:

    Beautiful story, the search for real beauty and freedom.

  9. Warren A. Wheaton says:

    A dream fulfilled. A soul discovered.

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