Preview: A Maine Lobsterman, with E.B. White & Eugene Eaton

Since the beginning of OCH, I’ve wanted to grab the camera and jump aboard a lobster boat with one of the local Maine lobstermen for a long day hauling traps. These men are as good as they come, and the life they lead is so much tougher than the romanticized version we see in beautiful magazine cover shots.

This video flated in over the transom this weekend, and I don’t think we could have done any better, certainly not with the story and narration, by E.B. White.

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14 Responses So Far to “A Maine Lobsterman, with E.B. White & Eugene Eaton

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    Michael Mertaugh says:

    I always watch this video whenever I visit the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. It’s a great example of E.B.White’s spare and clean writing style, and a fine introduction to the life of a Maine lobsterman. The lobster boats are bigger now and the gear is more refined, but the basic story is the same. It’s great to have this video available in your library — that is to say, our library.

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    William Sanchez says:

    Thoroughly interesting piece. I am interested in knowing more about lobster boats. The simplicity, but yet ruggedness of the craft is beautiful. WS

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    John Simlett says:

    Classic boat & Alistair Cook – great start for a new member (day 1)

    I’m building a 15′ Maine Lobster Boat over here in West Wales, UK. It’s the first boat I’ve built in 56 years. Which is kind of strange as I did a six year apprenticeship as a shipwright in the 1950 … before aviation grabbed me

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    William McIntyre says:

    OMNIBUS WITH ALASTAR COOK Brings back memories of good television

    and it covered number of maritime subjects

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    Tom Roderick says:

    A beautifully informative piece. Not being a fisherman, I would love to contrast this with how lobster fishing is done today.

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    brooks townes says:

    A first-class piece, two masters at beautiful work. Thanks! ~ Bt

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    Bob Kellett says:

    I really enjoyed the simplicity of this piece. I want to seek out more of E.B . White’s work as I thoroughly enjoyed his language and descriptions of many years past. Thank you for including this in your numerous excellent videos and posts.

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      David Corey says:

      Start with One Man’s Meat, about life in Brooklin. Another treat is the audiobook recording of White reading Charlotte’s Web.

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    Michael Naumann says:

    This looks like wonderful literature to me – in pictures. A bit too romantic? But to see Mr. Eaton haul his traps by hand – amazing. What happened to him later on?

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    Jim Gallagher says:

    I am struck by the resounding truth
    …..”a sense of freedom. An assurance of hardiness that males unconsciously seek and need…”
    An honest notion, that seemingly is disappearing in our society; especially when we speak of the true value of hard work and the real joy it can bring.
    Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.

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      Patrick Walker says:

      I first saw this piece many years ago at the Maritime Museum in Bath. They might have more information on the filming and the timeframe. – pwj