Preview: A Maine Lobsterman, with E.B. White & Eugene Eaton

March 5, 2016

Steve Stone Steve Stone

Since the beginning of OCH, I’ve wanted to grab the camera and jump aboard a lobster boat with one of the local Maine lobstermen for a long day hauling traps. These men are as good as they come, and the life they lead is so much tougher than the romanticized version we see in beautiful magazine cover shots.

This video floated in over┬áthe transom this weekend, and I don’t think we could have done any better, certainly not with the story and narration, by E.B. White.

Mr. White had an illustrious career in New York City, at Harpers and the New Yorker, working among many of the leading writers of the day. Yet, most of the writing that made him famous, he wrote after moving to Brooklin, Maine. As I watched this video, I was reminded of the deep, rich topics and authentic people that passed by him each day in the normal course of life along the coast of Maine. This, we still benefit from today at OCH.

In case you’re wondering about the connection, Joel White (boatbuilder and designer) was E.B.’s son, and Steve White (owner of Brooklin Boat Yard) is E.B.’s grandson.

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