Preview: Louie Sauzedde and “Tips From a Shipwright”

We thought you might enjoy the videos below from Louis Sauzedde.

Louis is one of the most experienced and ingenious boatbuilders we know. He’s also skilled at explaining how he does things and why. Many of his Tips From a Shipwright videos are on YouTube, and i addition to those we’ve selected here, we recommend you check out the others.

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6 Responses So Far to “Louie Sauzedde and “Tips From a Shipwright”

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    Allen Kennedy says:

    Absolutely enjoyed each session. What an impressive depth of experience and wisdom. Thank you.


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    Dean Wilson says:

    Great skills… something only time spent can teach. Thanks for sharing

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    Great series of videos on boat repairs with lots of information and techniques. Very impressed.

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    Royal Declerck says:

    Lou is an absolute delight to listen to and learn from. What fantastic knowledge, thank you.

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    Robert De Leo says:

    Pure genius… The man is more than a craftsman… He’s an artist! The accumulated knowledge is awesome. A great inspiration to those of us who love wooden boats. Thank you Maynard Bray and all the folks at Off Center Harbor for providing this series.

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    Lansing Hays says:

    I can see why the principle means of transferring these skills from one generation to another is by apprenticeship. This is a very impressive series of videotapes. Thanks.