Preview: Lovin’ Livin’ in Maine’s Northwoods

We’re proud to embrace simplicity and self sufficiency afloat—but also honor these virtues ashore. So occasionally we take you on a non-boating flyer inland to reinforce our off-centerdness. Here’s a glimpse of Maine’s north woods back in 1973 when oxen still yarded out logs and do-it-yourself tooth extractions avoided a trip to the city.

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7 Responses So Far to “Lovin’ Livin’ in Maine’s Northwoods

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    Tom Blake says:

    Really enjoyed it, I can relate to a lot of it.

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    Neil Henderson says:

    Interesting video – I might need a translator to help me crack through the accents but then I reckkin they’d say the same about me. the copper wire method for pulling teeth is one I’m unlikely to try! A very good historical snapshot – we need this sort of perspective when we complain how hard modern life is……………..

  • Avatar

    Gene Gilbert says:

    Found this video years ago at the Common Ground Fair. Fast forward many years, now age 59 I attended college after the paper industry came upon hard times. There I stumbled upon a young fellow who told me Walter was his uncle…You never know.

  • Avatar

    David Pellow says:

    Boy, there’s more than a few sociological “hot potatoes” in this one! But a delight to behold in any case, an amazing time capsule that crackles with tectonic shifts of perspective.

  • Avatar

    Maynard Bray says:

    Thanks, Nat, for alerting me about this taste of real life and special kind of humor.