Preview: Matthews Boats, Motor Yachts and Cruisers

September 22, 2014

Avatar Dustin Urban

Matthews Boats were produced by the Matthews Boat Company in Port Clinton, Ohio from around 1890 through the mid 1960s.

Matthews boats ranged from luxury motor yachts to more modest motor cruisers accessible to a growing cohort of middle class professionals.

In this first video, get a tour of the 1931 Matthews 38 Standard Cruiser NADA II. A sister ship to this boat was featured in the Humphrey Bogart films To Have and Have Not and Key Largo.

Nada II – 1931 Matthews Standard Cruiser

This next film provides a nice look at some of the history of Scott Matthews and Matthews Boat Company, narrated by his grandson.

Onward: Scott Matthews Voyage of Discovery


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