Aboard a Legendary Houseboat – Meet the Moron Brothers

April 8, 2016

Steve Stone Steve Stone

Who says you need a flawless houseboat design? Join the Moron Brothers as they take a journey down the Kentucky River in their shantyboat – filled with laughter, fishing, bologna and bluegrass music.


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  1. Avatar Glenn Holland says:

    I have a friend who is from that part of KY. Yep, that’s normal/natural.

  2. Avatar Robert Ford says:

    Very sharp guys. The houseboat is not motorized. Instead, it is pushed by a separate Jon boat. Since the houseboat is not motorized, it does not need to be registered. No registration means no property taxes. So, they are actually living on the river for free.

    It is worth noting that the Kentucky River is very beautiful and that the impressionist paiter Paul Sawyier created many beautiful works of art while living in a shanty boat on the Kentucky River near Frankfort.

  3. Avatar Gerard Peterson says:

    Don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard, learned so much from a video, and just plain enjoyed one of these so much. Thanks to bringing us the Moron Brothers and their helmsman to us followers of Off Center Harbor!

  4. Avatar Raymond Vosper says:

    Are these guys selling plans for that boat?

  5. Avatar Jonathan Cons says:

    Watch this first. Then ask yourself: “Do I really need a better boat?”

  6. Avatar Scott Green says:

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! These gentlemen know how to live!

  7. Avatar Tim Leary says:

    Class acts!

  8. Avatar Edward Hollister says:

    warms my hart to know that is such happy go lucky persons.

  9. Avatar Raymond Morgan says:

    Thats what I’m talkin about, fine people, fine music and good liven.

  10. Avatar Gene Gilbert says:

    Thanks for sharing……..simplicity, can’t beat it.

  11. Kerry Dameworth Kerry Dameworth says:

    Can definitely relate. Everyone should spend a week down south on a house boat. I did in Lake Cumberland and will never forget one of the best vacations of my life.

  12. Avatar Tom Roderick says:

    Good folks, good music, good jokes, easy livin’, put a big smile on my face.

  13. Avatar Brent Ash says:

    These old boys are like the Kentucky version of Nova Scotia’s Trailer Park Boys, ‘cept less drinkin’ and more music makin’.

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  14. Avatar Anne Bridgman says:

    I am still laughing!!!

  15. Avatar Edward Hollister says:

    Perfect post. laid back boys.

  16. Avatar Rick Pratt says:

    Reminiscent of hte house boats hammered together to fish on the Laguna Madre in the 60’s and 70’s.

    they were finally outlawed by the General land Office of Texas, then re allowed for wealthy donors to the Land Commissioner’s campaign fund.

    now there are hundreds of “shacks” costing hundreds of thousands taking the place of the shanties. the cost to the fishing is horrendous.

    Bring back the poor folks and save the fishing!

    Can’t wait to hear the comments on this comment.


  17. Avatar John Wujack says:

    Why do I think this is going to be hit TV show?

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