My Boy in a Boat

August 19, 2017

Steve Stone Steve Stone

It seems like yesterday that my son Jack was learning how to row, circling the boats in Center Harbor, and heading off for his first “Smallows and Amazons” overnight in a Nutshell Pram with his friends (at 4:46) in our video Introducing Kids to Boats, Part 1 – A Sense of Command.

Just a nanosecond later, here’s Jack’s final row in his sophomore year in high school, at the Youth Nationals in Florida. Proud papa for sure.

Jack’s in the near lane (#6) with the white hat in the “Narragansett” boat.


4 Responses So Far to “My Boy in a Boat”:

  1. Avatar Harvey Kerstein says:

    Good for you Jack ! What a wonderful race ! I guess all parents plant seeds and hope they grow into this. Thanks again, Steve. Your work spreads joy and hope for many of us. Keep up your inspiring efforts, the world needs it. Regards, Harvey

  2. Avatar Charlie McLaughlin says:

    Well done.

    Lucky son.

  3. Avatar Richard Miller says:

    This is a way to keep your children out of trouble good job Steve

  4. Avatar Vince Bobrosky says:

    Awesome race! I bet that you are proud of him.

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