Preview: QUIET TUNE with Doug Hylan

Among the loveliest boats ever built–and we don’t say this lightly–is QUIET TUNE, the L. Francis Herreshoff ketch. In this video, designer, boatbuilder and guide Doug Hylan explains why she continues to fascinate him over many years.

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7 Responses So Far to “QUIET TUNE with Doug Hylan

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    Ben Fuller says:

    I had the privilege for a couple of year of skippering QUIET TUNE in a WoodenBoat class, cedar bucket and all.

    Her name is from Coleridge: Rime of the Ancient Mariner as the Mariner is released and sails home.

    It ceased; yet still the sails made on
    A pleasant noise till noon
    A noise like of a hidden brook
    In the leafy month of June
    That to the sleeping woods all night
    Singeth a quiet tune

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    Kirk Gresham says:

    My parents had an H28 in the 60s when I was a teen. I started single handing her, from the age of 15 and first took her offshore with a girlfriend to Catalina Island at 18. Lived aboard her for one semester of college too. Moonlight sails were sure things to wow a new date! Like Quiet Tune, she was always docile and comfortable, even in strong winds or following seas. I seldom bothered with the engine easily managed her alone, under sail to and from the dock and tacking out the harbor entrance. Her name was perfect too: “Amante”, meaning “Loved-one”, and that she was and still is. I miss her…

    Kirk Gresham, now of “Eider” (A Sam Devlin 16ft. cutter. You can spot her in the background of the video with Carol Hasse, aboard “Lorraine”)

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    Chris Chesley says:

    If only QT or Araminta had an actual cockpit I could sit in….. but that’s the price of self-bailing and low freeboard.

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    Gary Farrell says:

    She sure is a beauty and does appear to be a pleasure with ease to sail. gary

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    William Boulden says:

    Looks to be a very satisfying boat to share time with. ;D

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    Doug Wood says:

    L. Francis’ boats are elegant, and Quiet Tune takes it up a notch. Great piece, Doug.