Preview: Race to Alaska – The Movie! (Trailer)

The Race to Alaska movie is in theaters now.  I could imagine a TIME magazine review saying: “The Feel-Good Movie of the Year … an inspiring story of real humans overcoming fear.”

It’s making its way across the country in small theaters currently and momentum is building by word of mouth.

See the

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8 Responses So Far to “Race to Alaska – The Movie! (Trailer)

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    Kamin Lambertson says:

    Around Labor Day weekend in1979 my then fiancé and I left Shilshole Bay in my 14’ (Good Little) skiff, sprit rigged with a pair of 8’ oars. Three days later we arrived at Deception Pass having camped along the way and even towed a power boat our size around a point to a sandy beach on Camano Island. Sailing and rowing in those waters is sweet beyond description. Racing north should be considered traveling north with purpose if you really want to savor it.. and who knows, ya might win. I wouldn’t do it without oars though. Just sayin..

  • Heidi Roy

    Heidi Roy says:

    I love the sound of water, but am very afraid of it, so watching videos and films is for me .

    • Avatar

      Shane Van Leeuwen says:

      Wow – thats an awesome combination of new and old – Sweet!

  • Avatar

    Bill Madsen says:

    Talk about a testament to spirit! Can’t wait to see the whole film!

    • Avatar

      Tim Langley says:

      “It’s not just a race. It’s an opportunity to do that thing, be that person you always wanted to be.”