Preview: Recreating the Moment

August 25, 2022

Avatar The Off Center Crew

OCH Member Mark Folkerts shared this beautiful story of love behind this heartwarming video:

“This past winter I built an Atkins designed rowboat, “George”. I think I saw the original in a video at Mystic Seaport. Part way through construction, my dad was admiring the progress (even though he is legally blind) and wondered, at 90 years old, if he’d ever have a ride in it.

In his dating days 70 years ago in the Netherlands, he would rent a rowboat and take my mom out for a row on the town lake. 

Well, this past weekend we were able to recreate that experience. With the help of my wife, youngest daughter, and her partner, and the enthusiastic blessing of the park superintendent who allowed us to drive up to the beach to offload my frail 89 year old mother, we got my parents into the boat and gave them a joyous ride on the gem of a little lake near Paris Ontario. 
My daughter was the videographer, taking a lot of the footage from our old cedar canoe my wife’s grandfather built over 50 years ago. 
The smiles on my parents’ faces was priceless, and proof that the joy of being on the water in a simple boat never fades.
Thanks for all the how-to videos that made this boat not only possible, but beautiful.”

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